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& Iñaki López
researchers, agitators and cultural producers.
Für Alle Fälle - For all ocasions
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Ki in Nave 1839. A Coruña

On Friday, June 16, Ki performed presenting Halakini Vikisani with Modulador de Ondas in Nave 1839, A Coruña.
We leave you some Sara Roca´s pictures:

Dio3stu in ITmakES

Iñaki was doing the presentation performance of dio3stu machines.
It was on 03/06/2017 at Centro Conde Duque in Madrid, in the frame of ITmakES a project of the Italian embassy in Spain that connects Italian and Spanish makers.
We leave you some videos of the performance:

Ki _ Quédate na aldea

Video clip for the song "quédate na aldea" of Ki.

Ki in Manchita Cosa (Ferrol)

Last Saturday 13 Ki performed with MounQup in Manchita Cosa (Ferrol)
We leave you a gif:

Digicollage + painting

One of the digicollages has become a canvas with fluorecent.

Dio3stu in The Fab Linkage

Last Saturday, April 1, 2017 Iñaki performed in Madrid his presentation-performance of machines and instruments Dio3stu. Updating the set made in Galicia Maker Faire and RadicalDB Showcase.
The event was held at the Italian Embassy in Madrid, on the occasion of the presentation of works by groups of Spanish and Italian makers working under the project The Fab Linkage.
We left some musical moments on video:

Concert of Ki in Ourense

Last Saturday, March 25, Ki performed at the Café Cultural Auriense with Emilio José e os Indígenas. Ki presented his album Halakini Vikisani with some extra themes.
We had a great time!
We leave you a performance gif and a poster.

Interview in Culture City Commons

In the following web you will find 9 interviews of the meeting Culture City Commons Sevilla 2016. Among them is the interview with Iñaki, in which he answers questions about the rural, the common, Galicia, and the policies of the European Union.

 + info of the meeting in

Ki in Zig Zag diario TVG

At the end of the next program you will find a video-review of the de el proyecto de rap/trap KI project on the TVG, by Marta Gómez

Dio3stu in RadicalDb Showcase

On February 17 and 18, 2017 we were like Dio3stu  in Etopía, Zaragoza, in Radicaldb Showcase

On Friday the 17th, Iñaki presented various sound devices, told us how they were built and how they work.  Here we leave a video of the presentation-performance:

On Saturday 18 we installed a new version of the piece "Alimentación sónica" with three devices.